Tires; A must have for 4WD


Tires, probably one of the biggest discussion topics in the off-road world.

There are so many factors to consider when it comes to selecting the perfect bit of rubber for 4 wheel driving. These include what kind of rims they are on, the tread, side wall strength, the internal design, road noise and how they will wear.

The boys from ATJ Auto Parts in Waipapa recommend we try out the new Maxxis Bighorn M/T’s over the BF Goodrich KM2 for a competitive cost effective alternative.

Don’t get me wrong, BF Goodrich makes an excellent tire standing true to the name and providing strong, reliable tires with good tire wear, but the problem is they are upwards of $400’s.

img_2038The Maxxis Bighorn seems to be the next up and coming off road tire and has been building a good reputation within the NZ 4WD market. They have been delivering a long lasting and tough product, and at $390ea they are very attractive.

Maxxis M/T offers a radial construction tire, with a wide foot print which allows for good traction and shock absorption. They have extra wide shoulder luges which are supposed to be great for mud and add protection for the sidewalls and rims. Maxxis’s touts that these tires are good in the desert, dirt, rock , snow and mud giving it the all terrain label. Which is why we decided to give them a try.

fullsizerenderWe have had them for 6 months now, about 20,0000kms, and we still have 15mm of tread left so we honestly can’t complain. They’ve held their own in mud, gravel, dirt and tar seal. The road noise is minimal and the sidewalls have held up in the tightest of situations.

Double thumbs up for Maxxis being a more affordable durable tire for 4 WD.

Keep an eye out for a future post on the importance of having good rims for your new tires.


3 Comments on “Tires; A must have for 4WD

  1. And Maxxis tires look good. I do too much driving to get an aggressive mud terrain, but if I needed a set I would look to Maxxis. They make some seriously good and cost effective tires. I have had good luck with Nittos and have only ever heard good things about BFG K02s. Maybe you can weigh in on my recent tires post. I posted a few months back but it is still relevant and I am still spending too much time thinking about it.

    I am really enjoying your blog so far. I can’t wait to read your next post.


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