First Aid Kit

In preparation for any 4WD trip a first aid kit is essential. Being prepared for an accident can mean the difference between saving a limb or life or losing it. But the question is which one do you buy?  There are a million different types from personal home use kits by AA taa-first-aid-kit_grandeo ARB 4×4 Accessories family first aid for 4WD  kits familykit2_editv2and these range from $25 into the hundreds.

After researching and reviewing all the first aid kits out there ( I literally spent 2 hours looking at all the different kits) we settled on a simple kit from from Sell Wood Medical Supplies sold on Trade me  for $45 ($5 more for shipping) and simply added to it the extras we have found to be important when out on tracks in NZ.

But honestly most of what is in the kit is over kill as the goal on any trip to to not to maim yourself or your truck while out adventuring. Listed below is the contents of the kit we purchased. I have bolded the items that come in the most handy and in italics is the items we’ve found we’ve needed over the course of our shorter trips. You can always pack your own first aid kit into a 7L plastic container. But when researching all the pricing it actually works out cheaper to buy a base kit and just add to it.

This kit containedkit


Alcohol Prep Pads 12
Sting Relief Pads 4
Adhesive Bandages 30
Fingertip Bandages 4
Sterile Gauze 5
First Aid Tape 1
Metal Tweezers 1
Safety Pins 10
PVC Gloves 1
Saline 2

We added
Steri strips (skin closure strips)
Burn cream
Aloe vera or after sun cream ( I have bought Soov to try on this trip)
Bug spray (mozzies are lethal in NZ if your prone to being bitten or of foreign blood)
Anti itch cream

Allergy Medicine

HANDY (Specialized)
Antiseptic Cleansing wipes 6
Cotton Tips 10
Knuckle Bandages 4
Trauma Pads 2
Elastic Bandage Large 1
Elastic Bandage Medium 1
Elastic Bandage Small 1
CPR Mask 1
Tourniquet 1
Triangular Bandages/Slings 2
Scissors 1
Instant Ice Pack 1

Raincoat 1
Emergency Whistle 1
Emergency Blanket 1
Dynamo Rechargeable Flashlight 1
First Aid Instruction Card 1
EVA First Aid kit Case 1


2 Comments on “First Aid Kit

  1. I remember building up my first aid kit, but since I won’t be doing many trips over the winter, it seems like the perfect time to sit down and assess what I have an what needed to pack. You’ve given me quite the starting point with your list here. I’ll probably do a blog post about this too, so I’ll give you the credit for the idea, and link back to this post of course. Love the blog and can’t wait for the next post.


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