Suspension…tough but comfortable

Before considering any major modifications to your 4WD, suspension should be at the top of your to do list.

Without good suspension your articulation, road comfort and clearance on the tracks can be limited or non existent. This makes it difficult to complete even the simplest of tracks. Not to mention that adding additional weight such as a bull bar and winch, roof rack and or a rear bar can cause your original suspension to sag.

shocksWhen we bought our 70 series it’s suspension had been upgraded  but it was getting pretty tired, which limited us in some areas and it did not tolerate load well. Because the Landcruiser is so capable off-road we didn’t realize the extent of the sag until we put the new suspension on. To explain, we gained and extra 45mm in ride height without installing extended shackles.

We opted for the EFS suspension from Force4 owned by Phil Clark . We highly recommend going to see Phill if you are looking to upgrade your suspension, he seriously knows his stuff and he has some of the best customer service in the industry.rear-leaf

When installing our suspension we took out two leafs from the rear leaf pack. This was recommend by Phil as the pack was made for the 4 door 75Series which is larger and heavier than our Landcruiser. Removing the 2 leafs made the ride less stiff and more comfortable for road driving.

stuck-shakleInstalling the new suspension was pretty straight forward but having an extra set of hands is not a bad idea. We had trouble with one of the shackles as it was put in backwards. This made it hard to remove when installing the new bushings. But don’t worry we reinstalled it in the correct direction. We also stripped the front left shackle whilst removing the old shacklesuspension as it was seized! This was a problem when it is 10pm at night. But thank God for friends with Landcruisers, we were able to grab a spare from our friend with a 40Series and complete the job the following morning.



One Comment on “Suspension…tough but comfortable

  1. No kidding about gaining extra lift from new suspension.When I replaceced the coil springs on my Jeep I gained 25mm in the back and 45-50mm in the front. These weren’t aftermarket coils either. They were stiffer coils from the better equiped Rubicon trim. I ended up installing a 19mm spacer (3/4-inch) over the back coils to give the truck a really aggressive rake when not loaded. This way when I threw 200 pounds of equipment and water back there it wouldn’t sag in the back. I did a full write up on the experience first on the front and then on the rear.

    Sometimes I wish I had the flexability of leaf springs or airbags where I could just add or remove a leaf depending on how much load is one it.


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